Super Rare Brawlers in Brawl Stars – Info and Playing Tips

When you have the number of brawlers in Brawl Stars, choosing one can be difficult if you are unfamiliar about them. So, before start playing the game, it is recommended to know more about the brawlers so that you can determine with whom to go in the game.

When you are familiar with the unique abilities, pros, cons, tips and other information about the brawlers, you will also get to know that one brawler, which is best in the game mode, could be worse in other game modes. So, choose your brawlers attentively.

Here, we will discuss about Super Rare Brawlers in Brawl Stars which will include their information and playing tips.


Carl has pickaxe as his super, which he throws like a boomerang and also has the ability to throw his Pickaxe immediately once it returns back to him after the attack. When the super of Carl is used, he increases his speed and rotates Pickaxe in 360 degree radius, which leads to the damage to the enemy brawlers close to him. The pickaxe of Carl pierces through the target.

Super Rare Brawlers in Brawl Stars

When you want to attack enemies behind the walls, simply throw the pickaxe and immediately move to the side of the walls, this way the thrown pickaxe will hang around the walls and will hit the enemies.

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If you have decided to play with Ricochet, you must know that he has the ability to fight directly at the enemy brawlers. He fires the burst of balloons on the enemies, and a long barrage of bouncy bullets is his Super, it is capable of piercing the targets.

The biggest when playing Ricochet is to practice the bouncing shots that go off the walls, it allows you to attack around corners as well. It means, you are now able to control the large area of the map including large corridors which increases his range. No doubt, it is a hardest brawler to master, but once you learn bouncing shots off walls, you can control him effectively.


This brawler is an owner of a powerful double-shotgun that do major damage to the enemy when attacking him. He can roll recklessly inside the bouncy barrel, one of his super moves.

The super of Darryl should be used to get close to the enemies having low to medium amount of HP. The best way is to get really close to the enemy brawlers before unloading the shotgun.

Super Rare Brawlers in Brawl Stars

If the enemy brawler has loads of burst potentials, it is better to wait until he has expended all his shots so that you can reach to him and take him out quite safely and easily. Never use the super on Brawler with tons of HP as it may make Darryl little difficult to handle that enemy brawler.


Penny has the ability to shoot bags of gold coins and use these bags to damage the target and anyone standing behind the shoots. The super of Penny is mortar-style cannon-turret. The shot of Penny is so powerful that it can pierce through the enemies, so it is best to use the super to hit multiple enemy brawlers together.

When in the game, you must put attention on charging it as fast as possible without taking out yourself and also make sure where you have placed it. Here, the best place is on your side of the map and keep it protected by walls so that making it difficult for enemy brawlers to take it out.