Learn about Legendary Characters in Brawl Stars

Brawlers in Brawl Stars are characterized into levels, such as Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic and Legendary. But do not take Legendary Brawlers wrongly, like many of you might be thinking that such type of Brawlers are automatically stronger, powerful and the best as compared to other brawlers. But, it does not work like this.

When you start playing Brawl Stars, you should know that some of the brawlers are going to work very simple while others can be the game-changing factor for you. Every brawler has their own strengths and weaknesses, like we are going to talk about Legendary Characters, or we can say Brawlers, in Brawl Stars, you will get to know how they actually work.

Legendary Characters in Brawl Stars

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This Legendary Brawler has the ability to deal with enemies in groups. The attacks and super of Spike is so powerful that he can handle the number of enemies at one time. Once he is on the range of his super, the star power heals him with 500 health second. Also, he is considered as the important brawler in Brawl Stars gameplay due to his low movement speed and high impact of his attacks. As he is a legendary brawler, it is not easy to get him on brawl boxes.

Attack – Spike attacks his enemies by firing off small cactus that explodes and shoots spikes/needles in different directions. The cactus thrown at a short distance produces spikes that go far, thus giving a longer range to attacks.


This Legendary brawler has the ability to poison the enemies through his daggers.

His super makes him capable of jumping and landing while flinging daggers on take-off and landing throws. This character has low health but enables him to hit his target on a long range.

The movement speed of Crow is connected with Leon and Mortis, both can be faster when they have their super.

Legendary Characters in Brawl Stars

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Attack – Crow throws three daggers, one straight and two on either side that spread out to some extent as they travel. The daggers damage the enemy as it hits him and extra damage results over time depending on the initial impact on the target.

As the daggers have a long range, the effect of poison does not heal automatically.


Leon has the ability to turn invisible for a short period of time, nearly 7 seconds. The enemy can only see him if they are within 4 tiles of him. If an enemy is closer, he gives high damage results.

This brawler has fastest movement speed, which he gets from his star powers. Being a legendary brawler, you may find it really difficult to obtain from brawl boxes.

Attack – In each attack, he fires four blades with long-range shots. The level of damage to the enemy depends on how far these shots travel before hitting the target. If the target is close to Leon, obviously there will be the most damage, whereas, on the other hand, the target at a distance to Leon will have less damage.

With this, now you are more likely to understand Legendary Brawlers as well as the difficulty in obtaining these brawlers.