Know About Rare Brawlers in Brawl Stars – The Unsaid Thing!

The different types of characters are involved in Brawl Stars, where each character has its unique skills, and abilities. These characters are also called Brawlers, which you have to be chosen based on the situation in the game and its abilities to overcome that situation.

No matter what character you do select for your game, it is highly capable to do damage to enemy brawler in one or another way.

One character that is good enough in one game mode may not be perfect for other game modes. So, choose them wisely. Now, we will talk about Rare Brawlers in Brawl Stars

El Primo

El Primo has the ability to attack with the fists and do major damage to enemy brawlers when he is close enough to them. Also, because of very high health, he is highly capable enough to withstand a lot of damage. His Super is – Flying Elbow Drop. The super allows him to jump a long distance and bang down on enemies, resulting in damage.

With the star power, he can set his enemies on fire, something like 800 damage within 4 seconds is caused when the Super of El Primo hits enemies, items or robots.

Tip – Though El Primo can do high damage, he has very short-range attacks. So, you must find a way to move him into a range before moving away the enemy brawler.

Rare Brawlers in Brawl Stars

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Barley is another Rare Brawler but with low health and has a different type of attack.

He attacks the enemy brawlers by throwing the bottles of harmful liquid which when hit and cover the ground resulting to damage to enemy brawlers standing on it over time.

Though he has a very simple Super, it is capable of covering a larger area. By throwing his bottle, he can heal himself with his star power which is about 300 health, without using his super. Barley and his wizard skin can be unlocked free of cost by simply connecting your game to your SuperCell id.

Tip – Barley’s attacks are thrown which enable him to attack over walls, so it is better to attack from behind walls. Also, his attack discourages enemies to move through certain paths, so it is advised to keep enemies away from critical areas of the map, like mine in the Gem Grab.

Rare Brawlers in Brawl Stars


Poco is a Rare Brawler with unique kind of attack i.e. Power Chord. This brawler is well known in Brawl Stars gameplay due to his extremely unique attack.

He is capable of doing damage to the number of enemies which are placed within his widespread attack range. Apart from this, he has moderate-high health and low damage result. Poco has a unique Super with the help of which he can heal himself as well as his teammates within its range. His star power can heal his friendly brawlers by 500 health.

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Tip – Getting the chips of damage of other brawlers is a good idea which is used to charge Poco’s super. He has the ability to support other brawlers having more firepower and heals them with his Super.

These Rare brawlers can help you effectively in fighting against the enemy brawlers and do damage.