Helpful Tips For Beginners To Turn Into Brawl Stars Pro

Whether you are playing Brawl Stars for the first time or have already tried your skills a few times before but finding it a little hard to achieve your goal, we have some tips for you.

These tips are highly helpful for beginners and enable them to turn into a pro player of this wonderful game.

Tap Super button for normal auto attack

The very first tip for a new player is to spam super button when you do not have a super and want to win the game. When you tap a super button, the game will work as a normal auto-attack. When you obtain your Super, you can use it immediately without wasting any time.

Tanks must commit to rushing

Playing with a tank-like Primo, Frank or Bull is like rushing to your enemies when they are close to you. Having more speed than other characters, you must go with them, along with going towards the other brawlers with more range.

For example, Primo can run to Nita who is on his side, as he has more speed, he can catch Nita and beat her.

Tips For Beginners To Turn Into Brawl Stars Pro

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In showdown, Use boxes to protect yourself

In showdown game mode, when you are playing against brawlers with no splash or piercing damage, you can get behind the boxes to protect yourself. Simply shield yourself behind a box in between wall; this tip is highly useful for winning 1-1 game.

Shoot in one direction several times when enemy juking

If you are finding it hard to shoot an enemy as he is juking, then the best way to chase him is to stop shooting in all directions where he is moving, instead focus on shooting in one direction multiple times. This way, even though he is trying to dodge your attacks, you will surely hit him.

Shoot 2 shots at a time and spread Dynamike’s attack

If you are using Dynamike, you must try to shoot two shots at the same time and spread them out. As Dynamike’s shot is harder to land and easier to dodge, so by doing this, you can increase the damaged area; as a result, the chances of landing your shots increase to a great extent.

Throw Dynamite to defend yourself

When you are playing as a Dynamike and Mortis is trying to chase you, so make sure to throw your dynamite in front of you to defend yourself. This way if Mortis tries to chase you, you can easily be protected by giving damage to him.

Tips For Beginners To Turn Into Brawl Stars Pro

Flash Leon’s super, hide in bushes and let your enemy waste their ammo

When you use Leon, a good mind games Brawler, simply flash his super to show your enemy what you have and is about to use your super. After this, immediately hide in bushes, which will look like that you have used your super and your enemy will start shooting and finding where you are, thus ends up with wasting their ammo. When all ammo is wasted, get up, use your super and damage them.

Use Bo’s super

When your enemy has a Leon or Mortis, the best way to protect yourself is to use your Bo’s super and use mines all around yourself. So, when Leon or Mortis tries to chase you, your mines are there to defend you, as a result, your enemy has to pay the consequences.