Everything About Trophy Road Brawlers In Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is gameplay which revolves around different types of characters, which are also called as Brawlers in the game. Each character has its own abilities, pros, and cons, and when you know everything about the brawlers; it becomes easier to get the right brawler as per the situation in your game.

You must also know, as these brawlers have their unique stats so depending on them, one brawler can be the best player in one game mode but can be worse in the other modes. So, it is important to know about specific information to pick the best for each game mode.

Here, you will learn about different Trophy Road brawlers.

Trophy Road Brawlers

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Shelly has a quite simple tip. You might want to use the walls and bushes so that you can get close to enemy brawlers, like as close as you can.

This brawler is highly effective and does more damage when she is close to an enemy brawler. When your supper is not being charged, in this situation, you have to keep some distance from Brawlers dealing lots of burst damage to prevent yourself from being fired back.


The best tip for Nita is to look for those walls so that she can attack through the wall to hit an enemy brawler while keeping herself protected behind the wall. When you become a master of this skill, it becomes difficult for enemy brawlers to take out Nita standing behind the wall or do any damage to her.


Playing Colt means you must lead your shots to the enemy brawler in the direction where you think he/she is going to and then pay attention to the enemy’s movement so that you can hit him/her with bullets. This tip needs practice, something like, the more you practice the more improved Colt gameplay you will have.

Trophy Road Brawlers

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The most important tip for Bull is to have patience when getting close to the enemy player, when playing Bull, juking is very important. If you do not want to get close to the enemy brawler, you should never use his health in any way. The best way is to move randomly which is unpredictable, somewhat like using walls, hiding in the bushes, falling back and others.


The most important tip for Jessie is to learn using her turret positioning to overcome all brawlers in the game. When you are fighting against the long-range brawlers, you have to keep Jessie behind the wall on their side of the map to prevent them from shooting Jessie from a distance. When against short-range brawlers, the best idea is to place Jessie in the open.


The best tip for Dynamike is to throw the attacks little far away from your position so that they explode immediately once they hit the ground. It is so because Dynamike attacks take some time to explode and when the attacks are thrown close up to you, there are chances that dynamite sticks are just lying on the ground and enemy brawlers walk away before the dynamite explodes.


When playing this Brock and if you see that an enemy brawler is hiding behind the wall or is running toward it, the best idea is to target your shots at the corners of the wall, because when a brawler tries to get over there, you can hit him. It increases the chances that you will hit a brawler using a wall to hide.

Mastering these brawlers will make you stronger in the game and chances of winning increase to a great extent.