Common Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid In Brawl Stars

Each player has a dream of winning a game, but sometimes even a single mistake can change the entire game. So, no matter whether you are playing Brawl Stars as a solo or as a teammate, if you are unfamiliar with the main concepts of the game, it may become difficult to reach the goal.

Here, we are going to share some common mistakes which must be avoided by new players.

Never Team up in the middle and stay close to Teammates

Brawl Stars has many brawlers that do splash damage which can target and damage the entire team at once.

This way, your entire team can take out of the game by the enemies. Also, when all brawlers in team stay together, you get less control on the map which leads to killing many teammates.

So, split up even if you have to be in the middle as a Gem Carrier.

mistakes beginners

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Play Brawlers and Maps you are not good on

Playing with a brawler or a map which you are not familiar with can be your one of the biggest mistakes in Brawl Stars. Each Brawler is good enough for some modes and maps, which you must be known about.

No doubt, it may be difficult for new players to determine the right brawler and map that actually works great in a particular situation, but still, you must go through the list of brawlers, their abilities and tips, before starting the game.

Spam all of 3 shots rapidly

If you spam all of your shots quickly as soon you see enemy brawler within your attack range is not a good idea at all. It is so because you are left with less ammo which is not enough to take out the enemy where he/she is just one shot away from being killed. So, keep in mind that in Brawl Stars what matters the most is finishing kills, not the early fight.

Walk to and from the target directly

When you walk directly to and from the target, it will make your movements highly predictable and gives your enemy brawlers a chance to hit you. So, you need to follow somewhat random movement patterns and do not allow your enemies to determine your next move.

mistakes beginners

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Walk in the Open when you have walls to use

Being a new player, it is very important to know that walls are considered as the best protection mode in Brawl Stars. Walking in the open gives your enemy brawlers a chance to fire off at you and take you out of the game. So, you must use walls to defend yourself when enemy brawler makes you his/her target.

Thus, learning to stick close to the walls instead of walking out in the open helps in improving your survivability.

Forget to heal up

In Brawl Stars, the defense is more important than offense, such as in each mode in the game.

It is so, because each time you take out the enemy brawler, you lose some control of the area. At this point, you need some time to walk back and in between of this, your teammates will be ganged up which will lead to the loss of chances to shoot the enemy brawlers. So, there is no harm if you use bushes or the walls to heal you up.

If you will work on learning Brawl Stars, you will gradually learn to avoid these mistakes and will improve your skills a lot.