On the off chance that you are dealing with some or your investment properties in general, you will get calls from occupants in regards to support/crisis issues. One method for managing these unavoidable calls is to separate them into four significant classes.

The main class is crises. For dangerous crises, similar to a fire or a gas spill, you will need to see whether everybody is OK and on the off chance that 911 has been called. For non-dangerous crises, you want to decide whether there are any prompt moves for the occupant to initiate. For example, assuming there is flooding, they need to find the principal water side road to forestall further harm.

The subsequent classification is earnest. Has the air conditioner or heater quit working totally? Are basic apparatuses like the oven or fridge broken? For a portion of these, you might have the option to direct them through fixing the issue. For instance, turning the heated water tank pilot light back on the off chance that their high temp water doesn’t work. These things https://www.jcbventilatiestore.nl require brief, yet not really prompt consideration. Obviously, assuming it’s the coldest part of the year and the intensity goes out, this gets moved up to a crisis.

The third classification is non-earnest however important. This incorporates things like irritation issues and minor apparatus breakdowns. You don’t have to send a person out at 12 PM to eradicate cockroaches or fix a wrecked waste disposal, yet it necessities to manage in an ideal style.

The fourth class is non-dire and superfluous. These incorporate everything from grumblings about that huge tree that drops such a large number of passes on each tumble to unimportant corrective solicitations.

As may be obvious, there is some cross-over between these classes, yet knowing generally where a detailed issue falls can assist you with figuring out degree of activity its expectation. Do you have to get on it pronto, might you at any point settle on decisions tomorrow to get it planned, or could you at any point disregard it (graciously explaining to the occupant why) altogether?

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