Brawl Stars – Game modes You need To Know

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer battle royale game, which you can take as an alternative to Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach games. In this gameplay, you can choose to jump in the battlefield as a solo or choose to battle with friends to have all the fun in this 3 minutes game. The game revolves across a variety of game modes, which we will discuss here.

All you have to do is to unlock and upgrade loads of Brawlers having their own powerful super abilities. Simply get into these games modes and earn more coins.

Showdown Game Mode

It consists of two sub-modes – Solo and Duo. You can play solo or you can grab your friend to fight as a team for survival.

Either solo or as a team, the main aim is to take down all your enemies to become the last player standing on the battlefield. In Duo showdown, your teammate can resuscitate you and give you another chance to win the game. Including you, there are a total of 10 players in this game mode.

Brawl Stars - Game modes You need to know

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You will see the number of ‘Power Up’ boxes on the ground; you have to destroy them in order to acquire the Power-Up inside. Also, you can upsurge your health and attack damage by collecting the power cubes.

Bounty Game Mode

In this mode, there is a 3v3 game battle where your main objective is to kill as many enemies as you can and earn stars. Each star you obtain will get added to your score, and at the end, the team with the most stars will win the battle. Keep in mind that when you get killed, your all the stars will get added to the total score of your opponent team.

Play safely and carefully, because your single wrong move can change the entire game.

Gem Grab Game Mode

It is another 3v3 battle, where you have to collect Gems from the Gem Mine which comes out in the middle of the map. Another way is to collect them from fallen opponents. Once a team achieved 10 Gems, they have to hold those Gems throughout the countdown to win the game.

Brawl Stars - Game modes You need to know

If your opponent team has 10 gems, your team has to bring those Gems below 10.

Heist Game Mode

It is also the 3v3 mode in which both teams have to defend their own Safe located at the spawn zone. The main aim of each team is to break the Safe of its opponent and the team that breaks it first wins the game. You have to protect your Safe as well as try to destroy the Safe of your opponent’s Safe, both go simultaneously.

Brawl Ball Game Mode

This 3v3 game mode in Brawl Stars allows you to show your soccer or football skills, where you have to score 2 goals before your opponent to win the game. If any team is unable to score 2 goals in the time limit, the game goes into overtime.

Get into this gameplay and enjoy its different modes.