Best Brawlers for Brawl Ball Mode in Brawl Stars

Brawl Ball is one of the exciting game modes in Brawl Stars gameplay, ensuring to provide more fun and interesting challenges to the players.

Before moving further to the main aim of this content, like the best brawlers in this game mode, we would like to share some information about Brawl Ball mode.

This game mode consists of two teams with three players in each, where the aim of each team is to take the ball placed in the middle of the map and hit the goal to the opponent. The team that scores two goals first would be the winner of the game. Isn’t it interesting, even more than you thinking.

Best Brawlers for Brawl Ball Mode in Brawl Stars

Brawl Ball mode has various brawlers to use in the game. Here are some of them.


Tara one of the interesting brawlers in Brawl Stars has a powerful super that helps in keeping enemy brawlers in place and helps in stealing the ball. Even the normal attacks of Tara against enemies are useful when they gathered in groups.


Frank has a large health pool making him one of the wonderful ballhandlers and is highly used to bring the great attack to the enemies. His super is used to cover a wide area in front of him and works great in giving shock to the enemies for a long time.


Darryl is another interesting and powerful brawler having a super which is usually used to get close to ballhandlers with a faster pace and steal the ball. His super can change the game at a click.

Best Brawlers for Brawl Ball Mode in Brawl Stars


Spike, a legendary brawler, does a great job in putting direct damage to the enemies, making them little hard to approach your goal. Spike’s super is highly effective in controlling and repudiating enemies and area, and also useful in clearing a path to the ball or ballhandler.

El Primo

Though El Primo has a little range, still he is considered as the great ball carrier. His super is useful in jumping into the enemy side and in trying to steal the ball. All can be made easily dues to his ability to cover the wide area of ground quickly using flying elbow drop.


Bull is another brawler which works wonderfully as a ball carrier. This brawler with a shotgun is capable of soaking up damage. He works great in brawl ball game mode, where a teammate can choose to pass the ball to Bull when he reaches close to the goal to make a goal in the game.

Best Brawlers for Brawl Ball Mode in Brawl Stars


Mortis is actually a beast in brawl ball game mode having the ability to dash forward quickly in order to get a ball with the attacks. He kills the enemies by approaching close to the enemies with low HP and thus, release the space in the arena.


Nita has a super i.e. bear that can be used as a 4th player in a team. She uses her super as another defender in the team and pulls down the enemies attempting to make a goal. The super can also be used to distract the attackers, allowing you to move towards your goal.


Carl is so powerful that even his normal attack pierces through enemies. The super of this character can handle a ton of damage to the enemies which are close to him. His super is useful to attack enemies in groups.


Dynamike is a fantastic brawler with the ability to throw attacks over walls. Normal or super attacks – both can bring heavy AoE damage.