All About Epic Brawlers In Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer battle game which revolves around the number of game modes. To start playing Brawl Stars, you have to unlock and upgrade dozens of brawlers who have their unique abilities. They are categorized into 6 types of brawlers, where you can choose any brawler based on your game, needs, and preferences.

Here, you will earn about three Epic brawlers, each with its specific abilities. While choosing a brawler, always remember that a brawler which is best in one game mode could not be able to do perfectly in other game modes. Let’s get some information about these three Epic brawlers.


Piper is one of the sharpshooters in Brawl Stars and her sniper’s shots do damage depending on how far they travel, it means the farther they travel, the more damage they do. The super of Piper drops grenades on her feet, where she herself jumps away while hitting the enemy brawlers.

Epic Brawlers in Brawl Stars

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Piper has the slowest reload speed in the game, so the best way is to aim your shots manually and keep at least one, especially until you know that you can take out your enemy. When you learn to do aiming her shots, you will work great in your gameplay. When she is hidden in a bush, her attack tends to do more than 400 extra damages at a maximum range.


Pam is an Epic Brawler that shoots from the hip and showers the enemy brawlers with shrapnel. Pam’s super is a healing turret, it means when she hits enemies, her super enables to heal herself as well as nearby teammates for 30 health. She deals with scrap metal in a very simple way, like she sucks the metal and then blasts it at the enemy brawlers.

The biggest tip for Pam is to lead your shots to the way where you think opponent brawler is going to and keep an eye on that brawler’s movement which enables you to hit the enemy brawler with as many shots as possible. It requires practicing and fast reactions to master the Pam, but it will surely improve your Pam gameplay.


Frank has a large hammer which he uses at enemy brawlers. The super of Frank is a highly powerful blow that sends a shockwave to enemies, like hitting multiple at one time. Due to his high health, he is highly capable of withstanding a lot of damage. The powerful super can stuns enemies for a short time which leave them unable to attack Frank and his teammates. When Frank kills an enemy brawler, his damage increases to 50% for just 12 seconds, it is possible due to his star power.

Frank is quite delayed in shots, which sometimes makes him weak, so it is better to keep him at some distance from enemy brawlers. Though he has the shortest range in the game, the best tip to play Frank is to stand at the perfect range so that he can hit the target easily without being hit himself.

Hope, the information about these Epic brawlers will help you to get familiar with them.