If you have a little bit of extra body fat and you want to burn it off in order to get leaner, you have come across the perfect article. This is because you will find 7 effective fat burning tips in this article – they all will help you to get rid of that last body fat.

Eat first thing in the morning

Eating first thing in the morning will boost your metabolism and make sure that your body gets out of starvation mode (it gets there when you haven’t had food for a long time) – leading to a higher fat and calorie bur percentage. And if you eat a healthy low GI breakfast like oats or eggs on toast, you will also feel fuller for longer.

Eat 6 small meals more often

Eating 6 small meals more often will ensure that you keep fuller for longer and will also ensure that you avoid eating unhealthy cheat food. It will also boost your metabolism – making it easier to burn off fat.

Include fat burning foods

Fat burning foods assist in burning fat and will lower your body fat percentage just by eating it. Good fat burning foods and drinks to include in your diet are: one morning cup of coffee, green tea, chilies, lean protein, nuts and fat free dairy products.

Weight train

The single best exercise to burn off excess body fat while you are exercising and also for 48 hours thereafter is weight training. It burns a ton of fat and it boosts your metabolism. In order to burn off enough fat, you have to weight train for 3 days a week, doing upper and lower body exercises.

Free exercise

When you want to lower your body fat HoneyBurn percentage, you have to take every opportunity you have to burn off excess calories and fat. Do this by doing free exercises – walking your dog, taking the stairs instead of the lift and mowing the lawn will all help.

Drink ice cold water

Your metabolic rate increases significantly from drinking an ice cold glass of water – making your body burn calories and fat in order to heat the water.

Ditch the long hours of cardio

Long hours of cardio are actually bad for you – it causes the body to burn lean muscle mass for energy and it holds on to fat. You might lose weight from tons of cardio, but you are holding on to a lot of fat. Rather opt for cardio interval training for 20 minutes, 3 days a week.

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